For pupils and parents


Does it cost anything if I want to join check-e.jetzt?

No, the offer is free of charge. We only need a signature (for example from your teacher or social worker) so that you can take part in the learning support.

Which pupils can take part in check-e.jetzt?

Basically all pupils from a general education school in Stuttgart from grade 1 to grade 12.

Where can I register?

You can register right here

Why does a teacher or (school) social worker have to sign the registration form?

We may not be able to offer learning support for all schoolchildren in Stuttgart. The learning support is intended for schoolchildren who would otherwise not have access to paid tutoring.
Therefore, we need the signature of someone who recommends you for the project because he/she wants YOU in particular to participate.

How can I change my details after registration?

Send an e-mail to kontakt@check-e.jetzt containing the changes. We will then fill in your details.


What happens after my registration?

We will call you or your parents to get to know you better and to find out in detail which learning guide would suit you best.

What criteria will be used to be assigned to a learning guide?

We have a look at the class you are in, the type of school, the subject; and you can also decide whether you would prefer a man or a woman as your learning companion.

How and where does the meeting with the learning guide take place?

When we have found someone, we will arrange an appointment with you and the learning guide to meet digitally on the learning platform. The meeting should also include an adult person who knows you (parent, teacher, social worker). After the meeting, you can decide whether you want to go ahead with the learning support.

Which service is used for the online learning support meetings?

We use a video conferencing tool based on Jitsi. This runs on a stand-alone server and complies with data protection guidelines.

Registration is not necessary; you can use it directly via your smart phone, computer or tablet.

Should or may parents/guardians be present at the online meetings?

For pupils up to 16 years of age a parent or guardian should attend the initial (getting-to-know you) meeting. Normally no other adult person is present at the other meetings.

How often do the meetings take place?

As a rule, learning support takes place once a week. Other arrangements can be made in consultation with the coordinator.

My learning guide does not respond. What can I do?

The best thing to do is to contact the coordinator at kontakt@check-e.jetzt or call 0711-21321686. We will then clarify what the problem is.

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