“I don’t get it” is a thing of the past!
The new learning platform check-e.jetzt is now available for Stuttgart pupils. Once a week, you will be supported by your personal learning guide via video chat. There are no costs for you, but you should stick with the project for at least six months. You can enter the subject in which you need support in the registration form below.

So if you soon want to be able to say: “Now I’ve got it!”, sign up! 
It is important that the form is signed by a teacher or social worker, recommending that you should participate in the programme.
Once we have checked your application, a member of staff will contact you and find a person who will accompany you. Then, we will meet on the digital platform so that you can get to know one another and agree on when and how long you will meet in the future.

Why should I participate?
We will choose a learning guide for you who will explain what you may not have understood at school or answer any questions you may have, and practise with you so that you can keep up better in class in the future – have it easier in class tests.

If after your first meeting with the person suggested, you think he or she is not the right one for you, we will look for someone else.


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